The sun is already up in the sky as the alarm clock clicks 10o'clock. The siren goes off and lenire drowsily picks it up and throws it across the room. Still groggy from partying with tiffers the night before. He quickly eats breakfast while checking the messages on the Cybotron system. Hmmm. Ok, a few requests as to explanations on why they were rejected, wells, ill get to these later, he thinks to himself.
At work he sneaks in to the warehouse trying to avoid all the creators in the lobby. And sees musicat researching an object. Lenire gets his usual mishtevous grin on his face as he sneaks up behind her."BOOOO!" he screams at the top of his lungs.
"Lenire!," she exclaims. "Hi sweety, your in early to work," she says playfully knowing itll make lenire feel better if he has a wrotten day.
"Couldnt sleep, oh well, its cool i guess. I get to bug you more, and maybe get ahead on checking."
"Lenire," she says "look busy here comes boss."
"Morning 008," they both say at once.
"Len, your here early, oh well, i assume you to are checking copyrights on that poster, well good. Dont want anything to happen."
Lenire whispers to musicat, "Dont worry, ill convince him to leave."
"008," lenire says "Quick question, in the morning when you get dressed, do you fasten then zip or zip then fasten?"
"What in the world lenire? You ok man? What kind of question is that," says 008.
"Its a normal question," says lenire.
"Im not answering this lenire, No! You are weird sometimes dude."
"Ok, sure then."says lenire.
"Ok, i fasten then zip, why do you care?" says 008.
"See, thats exactly what i do, but i have always wondered what its like to zip then fasten. I dunno, it might be different, who knows."
"Ok, you are weird man, you really are."
"Ok, now lets talk socks..." says lenire.
"No! absolutly not! Musicat perhaps you should send lenire home to get more sleep, im out of here!" he exclaims running away.
"See i told you it would work,"says lenire
Stay tuned next week for a day in the life of an object checker.