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by Vitalone (CD) special to CVN

The Adventure Colony is currently hosting one of its traditional treks. It is open to all of Cybertown. The purpose of the Adventure Colony treks is not to recruit new residents for Adventure Colony, but to create an atmosphere of games and friendly competition among the colonies in Cybertown. No one is required to join our colony in order to participate in our trek; we award prizes to winning players regardless of their choice of colony. We hope that residents from all colonies will participate in our trek and enjoy our colony and its residents.At 5,000 cc's for each clue we have awarded 120,000 cc's in cash prizes since October 20. We intend to award a total of 500,000 cc's during the whole course of our trek.
We post the clues approximately every other day on the Adventure Colony Message Board and the clues remain there until a player solves it.
At that time, we allow fair time for the winner to claim his prize before we add the prize into the prize for the next clue. Sometimes, we post more than one clue a day when the process of solving the clue and collecting the prize goes quickly. So be sure to check back frequently!
A clue is always an image which represents one of our blocks. A player must recognize the image and associate it with the block it represents and navigate to that block. Once there, the player will search the block message board and the residents' message boards looking for a a 5-digit number, like an American zip code. When he finds that number, he returns it to the Adventure Colony Message Board and enters it with the "REPLY" button to the image. Players know immediately that he or she has won if their nickname is the first to enter that 5-digit number on the Adventure Colony Message Board. We will announce the winner and notify the winner about how to claim his/her prize. At that time, the prize winner has a "fair time" (usually 24 hours) to claim the prize. If unclaimed, it will be added to the next prize.Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Adventure Colony Trek! We hope you will find this activity exciting and rewarding!


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