A Meeting in Cy-mara



Here is a little story for all of us to think about.

There was once a wealthy Colony Leader of a future colony
who sent his deputy to the flea market in the early morning hours.

A few hours later the Colony Deputy came back his face was pale,
he was clearly frightened and shaking like a cyber-Elvis. The Colony
Leader asked him "Why are you so scared?"

The deputy replied in a soft, hesitant, shaking voice, "When I was at the
flea market I saw Death and... *gulp* he LOOKED at me and gave me a
threatening gesture as if my time in Cybertown was nearly up .
Please Master, may I borrow your fastest jump gate so I can teleport to
the Cyberhood and escape my fate?" The deputy knew the Cy-mara house
would be safe.

The Colony Leader looked at his deputy in horror, then quickly led him
to his private jump gate and watched as his deputy teleported to the

Later that day the Colony Leader went to the flea market and he saw
Death there, watching all the activity, and the CL walked up to him.
The CL asked him:

"Why did you give my servant a threatening gesture?"

Death replied" It wasn't a threatening gesture, it was merely a gesture of
surprise. I was just so surprised to see him here, because I have a
meeting with him tonight...In the Cyberhood, at Cy-mara..."