By Tao'lans Shaitan

Court Bard to King Shaotain Ordeth

Recently,a document was discovered which dates back to the times before The Great War. In this document* details of the meetings of the High Councils and the deals with The Great Hall of Servants where disscussed. As it is well known to all that in the begging the High Councils and The Great Hall of Servants worked together to unify the worlds,until the breaking that is. It is now known that there was two great leaders in The Great War. The first being Sir. Corlean of Carpathia, whom we now of as Slayer of Darkness,or Tarshin'tol`asar. But there was another. She came to be known as Carlin'tol`serpinta,or Creator of the Light.

Her original name is unknown yet apparently she apposed Sir. Corlean through much of the war,under the belief that there was a way to appose the evil taint by uniting all the worlds and using two destructive weapons known as the Calin'arancato'alles. We do know that there was one made whish only men can use and one made that only woman can use. In this meeting log it says that the power used in these two crystals could destroy the entire dimension of virt,and send a ripple causeing great damage to the great pattern.

*reliable documents,although written primarily in the old toungue. Since the old tongue verys greatly(for instance Tarshin can mean slayer,but it can also mean toaster.)