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SFCreations Hood

By: Lusious_Snake ND of Comms for SFC

Many exciting changes have occurred recently in SF Creations Hood. With the leadership of our new NL, Rae_Etta along with S_Miles SND of Tech, Tsaen, ND of Events, LB_Thunder, ND of housing all work closely with each other. SF Creations Hood announced three new blocks. The most recent ALien Realms. All of our senior staff has Avs with a special SFC uniform that represents our jobs in the hood making it easy for us to be sought out for assistance. A Christmas Party is planned to be announced on the hood message board soon, gifts will be exchanged. Our stats are shooting out the roof with excellent Block Leaders/Deputies and dedicated Residential ND’s, Wabasha SND & Skiescall ND. Like almost every Hood in SciFi Colony we have a fulltime Training ND, Markx_qc who trains all of our staff. With all of our good people working as a team our hood is evolving into a place where everyone has a wonderful time. The most recent event by Aussie_Chatter, BL of Star Trek Block hosted a MB Trivia Quiz Spanning the month of November and paid out a total of 5,000CCs in prizes. We are SF Creations Hood not just a place to live and work but also a family.

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