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Welcome to the Colony Section of the weekly news. Please choose a colony on your left to navigate this site.

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If your hood or block has a Zine and you would like it advertised, email and it shall be posted under the appropriate colony.

SF Creations Neighborhood in the Sci Fi Colony is having a job fair. Anyone interested in a BL, BD, or CA job please come by The Twinkie Pit Office, home of theladywolf, on the Twinkie Pit in SF Creations. The job fair will be Saturday, November 10th from 10 AM to 6 PM CyT. The Neighborhood Leader, Neighborhood Deputies and Block Leaders will be on hand to answer questions and take applications.
  There is training every Friday at 9 PM CT time for BD's and BL's in the Compnet Coffee Club, all Compnet staff who need training or wish to refresh contact Skylark7(SND/training) or dryeyes_uk (E Colony Sec). Many thanks and Best wishes (dry). Do you fear getting assimilated by the Borg? 'afraid of Dominion Oppression? Don't like having fights with Klingons just to make them happy? Well, fear not! Move to the Star Trek Block in SF Creations in the Sci-fi Colony! In Star Trek we don't assimilate or oppress, or even make you fight! ;-) So come to a friendly block - Star Trek, SF Creations in the Sci-fi Colony.  

Aliens On The Move! Seen any UFO’s flying around? Any strange little green creatures? They might be Aliens. Lately Aliens has been on the move. With more activities and things happening more great people there is no reason to not come visit or stay for a lifetime. Great training in the ALDP if you ever decide you would like a job and soon the ELP for all those things you want to know beyond the BL job. A great technical department to help you with those pesky tech problems and an awesome activities department to help with anything from your own block party to whole hood events what else could you want? Oh, did I hear you say a great staff of friendly people who are willing to help with anything? Got it right here in a nice little neighborhood called Aliens. We CHALLENGE you to stop by for a visit and stay for a lifetime. Sci-Fi/Aliens is where it is! murf1_00 Former NL Aliens

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