A Tale of Two Worlds

Review By: Lazarus.Long

Split Infinity by  Piers Anthony, a story of two worlds, is a fine read.
Coming as close to fantasy as I like to get, the story is delightfully
captivating.  Can a man love a robot? What about a unicorn? How
do you adapt to regularly moving between a world of science and
machines and a world of magic spells and enchanted amulets?

The protagonist, Stile, is a master gamesman on Proton and a
powerful, magically enabled adept on Phaze.  In both worlds he
is challenged to solve the mystery of who is out to murder him
and why.  Sheen, his robot bodyguard and lover on Proton, works
unfailingly to protect his interests in The Games of Proton.  Neysa,
his unicorn companion and loyal defender on Phaze, stays by his
side to protect and assist in his quest to discover his true Phaze

Most notably for me, is the unmistakable parallel between the two
worlds in this book, and the two worlds we enjoy online.  Proton, real
life, is a world of the familiar.  On Proton there are machines, serfs,
citizens, The Games, and dangers from the other inhabitants.  Phaze,
Cybertown, is a world of enchantment.  On Phaze there are unicorns,
demons, werewolves, and dangers from the magical.  On both, survival
depends on wit and skill.

I highly recommend Split Infinity. It is easy to read, enjoyable, and
available at finer book stores everywhere. (used bookstores too probably!)