Interview with City Architect, Mr. Phillip

by:  Shanon

     Read our interview with Mr. Phillip, City Architect, leader of the
Builder's Guild.  In this interview, Mr. Phillip talks of the World
Guild's upcoming First Mardi Gras Parade.  The World Builder's Guild
and helps those who are interested in VRML  VRML is Virtual Reality Modeling
Language, a natural computer language for Cybertown.

CVN Weekly:  Say, we noticed several entrants to the Mardi Gras Parade.  Are
they regular citizens or members of the World Builder's Guild?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Well, the World Builder's Guild is composed of
regular citizens who have some VRML skills as well as World Builders.
we have experienced a great deal of growth.  New members bring fresh ideas.

CVN Weekly:  What has brought about this new growth?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  I am not sure, perhaps just adding a few people
caused other people to notice the World Builder title and others started
how to join.  Also, people thought we were a club with membership by
only - which we are not.  They did not know they could apply to join. Once
did, more applied.

CVN Weekly:  Is this the first Parade hosted by the World Builder's Guild?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Yes, this is the First Guild sponsored parade.

CVN Weekly:  Will there be other parades?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  I hope that this will turn into an annual
celebration.  It has been an interesting project because there are few rules
Mardi Gras.  Everyone is free to come up with his or her interpretation of
a virtual float is or represents. I look forward to it being the beginning
of a long
tradition.  Where people can express themselves in 3D with their unique
Our main objective is to have fun and to flex our building and visualization
I added two more floats to the submissions page tonight.   And I expect more
to come rolling in as the day nears.

CVN Weekly:  Excellent! Which floats are they and how long do entrants have
submit their floats?
[City Architect] MrPhillip: Feb 20th is the current deadline.
This captures some of the fun of the event:!

One float submitted today is from Epistomolus and is truly in the Mardi Gras
tradition; the other one is a well built star wars themed vehicle.

CVN Weekly: Question, how do the people within the Guild begin to flex
(improve) their building and visualization skills?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Well, first a builder comes up with a concept,
then as they model, they get additional ideas and strive to implement them.
You need to work within the boundaries of what your tools can do and your
understanding of what VRML can do and what the Blaxxun Contact plug-in can
support.  So, the Guild members also look at other floats and gain
as to what can be done.

CVN Weekly:  That is impressive Mr Phillip - so everyone learns!
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  We get ideas by seeing the ideas of others.
Gaining understandings of the possibilities. Also, there is some competition
outdo each other or to impress each other. The desire to show off is a part
Mardi Gras in general.  Everyone can be a part of the show instead of just
watching the show.

CVN Weekly:  How did you come up with the idea of a Parade and will there be
other similar ideas?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Zoundite originally proposed the idea for this
parade and it sort of grew from a simple concept to a Grand Event.
CVN Weekly:  Will there be a possibility of other events such as Balls
to the ones Cybertown hosts?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Yes, I think two Neighbourhoods are having
in the Magnolia Ballroom (in the Suburbs) associated with this event.  As in
real life there is not one coordinating or governing body.  It is a "free
all" in terms of participation.

CVN Weekly:  excellent: an open invitation!
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Yes, Mardi Gras is the world's largest free
and we hope to have the virtual worlds largest party here

Please visit the official ="" target="_top_"> World
Builder's Guild Mardi Gras Parade
  for additional information.  These
include:  an entry form, an up to date list of submitted floats, and a
prizes/sponsor page.


Mardi Gras Parade:
Our City Architect and A World Builder's Chat

by Shanon

Below is an interview with MrPhillip, City Architect; and, Kittrell, a
recently titled World Builder regarding the upcoming Mardi Gras Parade.  The
interview took place within the home of Mr. Phillip, City Architect.  Kittrell, the
recently titled World Builder is a forthcoming representative of the Guild:
a World Builder whom Mr. Phillip has described as giving a fresh view.

CVN Weekly presents Kittrell., World Builder.

CVN Weekly:  From a World Builder's perspective, what would you like to say
about the upcoming World Builder's Guild's Mardi Gras Parade?
[World Builder] Kittrell:  I believe that the Parade will generate a great
deal of interest in the Guild, and in Cybertown, as a whole.  It's a triumph for
those interested in Cybertown and in VRML.

CVN Weekly:  Triumph in what way?
[World Builder] Kittrell:  A triumph in the sense that Cybertown has become
not only a place of communicating ideas, but a place of learning and skill
development.  Citizens being interested in VRML techniques will greatly
improve Cybertown overall in the future. :-)

CVN Weekly:  What drew you to become a world builder?
[World Builder] Kittrell:  I began designing objects in the mall, but my
skills were not very fine-tuned. I looked up VRML in the clubs list, and saw the
Guild, and decided that they might be able to help me. They have assisted me
greatly in learning about VRML.  :-)
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  It is also a good way to see many original work
which may not be easy to find on the web.  The more we see, the more we know
what can be done:  how visions can be implemented.  Some of the learning
comes from the shared vision thing, some comes directly form suggestions from
others, and some comes from a sharing of resources.  All of this makes individual
better builders and in the end makes Cybertown a more compelling place.  A
win-win situation as they say.

CVN Weekly:  Mr. Phillip, how will the World Builder's Guild continue to
help people after the event?
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Learning VRML is a passion that an individual
must have inside of themselves. We can fan that flame in the methods described
earlier.  Once the flame of a World Builder is started:  always a world
builder. It changes the way you look at things in real life.  Like being a sculptor or a
[World Builder] Kittrell:  I can testify to that one... every time I play
games, visit web pages, or go down to the grocer, I'm thinking about the
dimensions of objects, the way things are formed and made, and how I can
make one myself.
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Correct.  Me too
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  And it is more than just Cybertown.  We live in
a 3D world, so we should mould cyberspace into our 3D vision as well - It is
only natural.

CVN Weekly:  How do we do that? How do we create that space:  a whole
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  Look around you.  It is being done here.
Cybertown is Point One in the global revolution. :-)

City Architect] MrPhillip:  There are certain limitations, due to bandwidth
and processing power, but everyday these are being removed one byte at a time.  The book Snow Crash
had extensive online environments that are continuous.  This will become that
way, one day soon.   Our neighbourhoods are linked worlds are they not?  Also the
new suburbs are 3D portals to many builders' visions, which one can move
almost seamlessly throughout That seam will get smaller as time passes.
[World Builder] Kittrell:  I believe Cybertown NG was planned to be that
[City Architect] MrPhillip:  So... I am proud to be one of the craftsmen of
this new frontier and I hope this parade is more than a footnote in the
future of Cyberspace.

Star Talent at the Mardis Gras Parade

by: Shanon

In the upcoming World Builder's Guild Mardi Gras Parade, Cybertown will see
the talents of such proven stars such as Paden, hypocrates, and Epistomolus as
well as talented individuals such as helpman, djphunky, and Toxic_Terry.  These
are just a few of Cybertown's stars.  This is an event, which encourages Cybertown's
citizens who are interested in VRML and building avatars, objects, and worlds.
Additionally, this is an event to encourage competition and learning!

Out of the six named and many unnamed World Builders, and even greater
numbers of those interested in VRML, Paden stands out as one who has contributed a
great deal to both encouraging Cybertown's citizens interest in Building, and the
many related endeavours within Cybertown, including the World Builder's Guild
Mardi Gras Parade.  City Architect MrPhllip explained, "Paden has contributed a
lot to keeping this project going and coordinated. We owe him a deep debt of
gratitude in this respect. He does have many other responsibilities, but he
is a very involved Guild Member. "Paden and each of the World Builders are both talented and outgoing
individuals.  From personal experience, CVN can say that every World Builder
we have met within Cybertown is willing to help and encourage the pursuit of
building objects, avatars even worlds.  We are lucky to be able to benefit from all
then talent we have within Cybertown.