Guild Office Proposal

Disclaimer-This proposal in no way is finished, its just a techniqual suggestion as to be discussed at the meeeting and decided which would be the best course of action.

There are 19 rooms arranged around a central courtyard, on each floor. Addittionally, you may create confrence rooms, supply/storage rooms, ect, or whatever you would like to have. Each room is 6 meters wide and deep and 3 meters high. People are free to take more than one room especially adjoining rooms which is recommended for corner rooms. Each room is premade and will be supplied complete with the textures needed and basic notes. People are free to decorate the rooms as they wish provided no items pass through walls with windows or the roof.

To simplify things I would like each person to place everything they want in a grid in spazz that is 6x6x3 meters, then place everything in a group, that way we can simply drag the group over and place it their. Or is the way we did it for the xmas house any better than this, suggestions??

One PointLight per room, We reserve the right to alter or remove such lights to correct problems, simplify code or correct lighting problems

NO NavigationInfo nodes
NO SpotLights or DirectionalLights
NO "fieldOfView" field in Viewpoints
Please, if their is sound or video in your office, add a switch to either start and stop it or a proximity sensor.


Space has been reserved in the center of the courtyard for a garden and sculpture. the building will simply be a modification of the xmas house, built on 3 levels with 1 room on all 3 levels as an elevator.